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Unified Subscriber Data Administration
Reducing OSS/BSS Cost and Complexity in the Transition to IP-Based Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications services based on the Internet Protocol are replacing today's Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) at an increasing rate. These services include Voice-over-IP services ordered by subscribers in place of their existing landlines as well as fixed/mobile convergence services employing technologies such as the IP Multimedia Subsystem. Ultimately, too, service providers will begin to substitute VoIP for conventional PSTN service as a cost-reducing technology change-out transparent to the subscriber. Service providers participating in this network transformation run the gamut from competitive VoIP providers to wireless carriers, cable Multiple System Operators, and incumbent local exchange carriers, large and small.

Some providers see the roll-out of IP-based services as an opportunity to renew their OSS/BSS software stacks, deploying new systems entirely separate from their legacy applications supporting today's PSTN. Yet, for the foreseeable future, IP- and PSTN-based telecommunications services-and the OSS/BSS infrastructures supporting them-will need to exist in parallel. Providers must be able to take orders for, provision, administer, and bill for services in both the IP and PSTN service domains with equal ease, and without distinctions obvious to the subscriber. The legacy applications will be around for some time to come.

Since a large fraction of calls originating within one service domain will terminate in the other, subscriber data must be maintained in a consistent manner across the two domains. This White Paper introduces Unified Subscriber Data Administration as a means of reducing the cost and complexity of achieving this goal.


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