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Comprehensive solutions for today's telecommunications providers.
For nearly a hundred years, the world of telecommunications service and subscriber administration was limited to telephone numbers. Providers acquired a range of stovepipe systems to deal with services such as calling cards, collect calls, and intercept. Each system had its own set of administrative tools. As their enterprises grew in scope and complexity, telephone companies began to realize cost savings and improve quality by consolidating their service and subscriber administration processes and systems.

The pace of change accelerated with deregulation and the new competitiveness in the marketplace. It has increased even more with the availability of inexpensive wireless and broadband technologies, coupled with the profound architectural changes and opportunities for new services and revenues introduced by the Internet. Now service and subscriber administration systems address a plethora of potentially interdependent services.
PSTN services continue to generate important revenue streams and will continue to do so for many years.
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About IP-Based Services
Voice over IP offers carriers and consumers cost-savings, but it was just the first of many services made possible by broadband access and Internet technology.
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Services for Wireless
Wireless has now surpassed traditional telephony for the number of telephone calls made. Read More
Wholesale Operations
As the telecommunications industry has restructured, an increasing number of providers have found it more cost-effective to outsource rather than invest in and operate their own systems for service and subscriber administration. Read More