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About EGH
Lauren Crocker
Corporate Officers
President: Lauren Crocker (above)
COO: Roger Blanken
CTO: Jonathan Cronin.
A Brief Background on EGH
Founded in 1970, EGH is an employee-owned corporation located in Lexington, Massachusetts. Our customers are the largest US telecommunications carriers. We build high-performance software systems that store, manage, and direct the flow of service and subscriber information within our customers’ operation centers and, ultimately, out into their networks.

We believe that EGH’s success has been and will be based on our domain expertise, the quality of our products, and our responsiveness to our customers. For over thirty years EGH has met our customers’ operational, business, and regulatory requirements. EGH products have proven themselves by exceeding carrier requirements for availability, performance, and error-free operation. We make meeting the individual needs of our customers a priority, whether it is a custom interface to work with internally developed systems or new functionality to address business goals and opportunities.
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