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EGH Founder Tim Hart, who founded EGH along with Tom Evans and Tom Griffiths.
A Brief History of EGH
EGH was founded in 1970 by three MIT graduates, Tom Evans, Tom Griffiths, and Tim Hart. Their goal was to create a collaborative environment in which they could apply their expertise in computer science. Within a few years, the company began to focus its business on the administrative needs of the telecommunications industry. At a time when processors and storage systems were many orders of magnitude slower than today, EGH delivered systems that processed service orders, performed customer name and address look-ups, and implemented the database for automated Intercept, at a scale and with the reliability required for deployment within the Bell System. Five out of seven of the original RBOCs were EGH customers when the Bell System was broken up.

EGH has grown and diversified as the industry has evolved. Today EGH products support traditional telephony, wireless, and VoIP services. In early 2006, our founders stepped away from active participation in corporate management and a new team of EGH’ers took their place.
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