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Introducing the TelSA Product Suite
TelSA consolidates service and subscriber administration for telecommunications systems. It links CRM, service order, and provisioning systems with SCPs such as LIDB and CNAM and databases such as ENUM, DIAMETER, HLR, HSS and GUP. TelSA reduces operating expenses and facilitates adoption of new services and architectures.

A typical TelSA deployment consists of a core system, customizable business logic, and one or more application modules.
TelSA Core System
Service and subscriber management for retail and wholesale operations with 100’s of millions of telephone lines per deployment. Read More
LIDB Administration
The most comprehensive Line Information Database Administrative System (LIDB AS) on the market. TelSA LIDB Administration fulfills and exceeds the requirements of Telcordia specification GR-446. Read More
CNAM Administration
Automated calling name capture, filtering, and abbreviation, based on any of a wide range of upstream data sources. Read More
ENUM Administration
Full-featured toolset for the association of telephone numbers, URIs, subscribers, and how to reach them. Read More
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