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Despite the industry buzz about VoIP, IMS, IPTV, and other broadband services, PSTN services continue to generate important revenue streams and will do so for many years. At the same time, PSTN providers face ever-increasing pressure for cost reduction and must cope with the effects of industry consolidation.

The conundrum facing PSTN providers is how to evolve their infrastructure. Forklift replacements are not an option. There is too much cost, disruption and risk with that kind of change. This applies to administrative systems just as it does to hardware and software in the network.

EGH's TelSA Product Suite cuts operating costs today and provides a foundation for seamless, service-by-service transition from legacy technology to next-generation architectures. Consolidated service and subscriber administration reduce the number of administrative actions needed to maintain service and subscriber records because subscriber information is shared across multiple services. TelSA's flexible data model and highly scalable data repository are designed with the future in mind.
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