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Our Approach to Wireless Services at EGH
Wireless telephony has become the service of choice for voice communications. When given a choice of wireless or wireline telephone number for the same person, most callers choose the wireless number. Compared with traditional telephony, wireless operators profit from a greater array of value-added services, such as ringtones and texting. It's no wonder that providers of PSTN and VoIP services also wish to offer wireless services. Now we are seeing the emergence of fixed/mobile convergence, which brings together wireless LAN and cell-based transmission to save cost and provide an even more flexible and powerful array of telecommunications services.

Wireless telephony has many of the same needs for storing and administering subscriber and service data as does PSTN. They both need LIDB support, for example, to meet customer demand for services such as Caller Name. They both need administrative systems that position their operators to add new services and evolve their architectures with a minimum of cost and disruption.

EGH's TelSA Product Suite supports LIDB administration for wireless operations and positions providers for fixed/mobile convergence. There's no need to re-enter or duplicate subscriber information as new services are rolled out. By consolidating administration of services and subscribers, EGH TelSA simplifies management of fixed/mobile operations.
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