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Our Approach to Wholesale Operations
The transformation of the telecommunications industry from a few monolithic carriers to a multitude of competing operators has created a large and growing need for wholesale services. CLECs, small ILECs, wireless operators, virtual network operators, and cable MSOs are all potential customers for wholesale services. Some of the largest non-ILEC providers do not run their own LIDBs. New technologies, such as VoIP, create additional opportunities for services such as VoIP peering.

To be successful and profitable, wholesalers must economically offer a wide variety of services and tailor that offering to the needs of individual customers. Letting its customers directly administer their own data reduces operating costs for the wholesaler and satisfies the wholesaler's customers' needs for accuracy and responsiveness. The flexibility to add new services and the scalability to meet the needs of growing customers are essential to a wholesaler's operation.

EGH's TelSA Product Suite is a versatile and scalable platform for wholesale service and subscriber administration. TelSA TnMgr is especially designed for this application. It supports fine-grained delegation of system and data access. With the TelSA Product Suite, any service that an operator administers for itself can also be made available as a wholesale offering. The scalability of TelSA accommodates the largest wholesale customers. TelSA wholesale deployments support some of the largest carrier operations in the US.
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