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IP-Based Services
Our Approach to IP-Based Services at EGH
The transition from circuit-oriented to packet-based technologies has created numerous opportunities for cost reductions and new services. Enterprises and service providers started by packetizing voice in the middle of their networks to save money. Now end-to-end Voice-over-IP services are increasingly popular due to their low cost. The adoption of fixed/mobile convergence is on the horizon.

The success of VoIP has laid the groundwork for a fundamental change in telecommunications infrastructure. The IMS architecture is completely based on the Internet's IP technology. While it promises to enable revolutionary new services that combine voice, video, images, and text, IMS also supports the services whose heritage lies in circuit-switched networks.

With the introduction of VoIP and IMS comes a new method for completing calls. Now a telephone number must be resolved into a location on an IP network before the call can go through. ENUM servers provide that function. Their records associate telephone numbers, subscriber names, and network locations. ENUM enables peering between VoIP networks and performs a similar function for IMS.

EGH TelSA ENUM offers a complete array of ENUM administration facilities. It simplifies and reduces the cost of transitioning subscribers from traditional voice to VoIP by eliminating the need to re-enter or duplicate subscriber information that a provider already has.
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