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CNAM Administration
A well-populated CNAM database is worth its weight in gold.
Calling name services generate retail revenue and contribute to customer satisfaction. A carrier’s CNAM database also provides an opportunity to collect per-dip fees from other carriers when its subscribers call theirs.

To accomplish this, the database should be as complete and correct as possible. At the same time, the cost to obtain and maintain the data should be minimized.
CNAM Administration
TelSA CNAM Administration automates calling name data acquisition and maintenance. It accepts realtime and batch input from service orders and other sources via a wide variety of interfaces. TelSA CNAM Administration then extracts calling name information from those records. Other products might stop there, but TelSA CNAM Administration adds filtering and abbreviation check to assure the quality of the CNAM database and enhance subscriber satisfaction.

• TelSA CNAM Administration features an industry-leading profanity filter to insure that no accidental or malicious attempts to create unacceptable caller names make it into the CNAM database.

• TelSA CNAM Administration automatically abbreviates words within businesses' calling names. Caller name services become more valuable to the business subscriber and the people it contacts, as more of its name fits in a caller ID display. TelSA CNAM Administration also provides an array of manual features to tailor groups or individual database entries to meet business and customer requirements. For example, multiple business names can be assigned to a single business retail customer and specified on a line-by-line or account basis.
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