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TelSA Core System
A versatile foundation for scalable service and subscriber administration.
TelSA Core answers today's needs for large-scale, highly-extensible service and subscriber administration. TelSA Core seamlessly integrates upstream and downstream data systems with a range of TelSA applications. More than just a message bus, it models and manages the relationships between services, subscribers, and their communications devices and preferences. TelSA Core's sophisticated access and interface functions make it equally suitable for retail and wholesale operations.
TelSA Core System
TelSA Core works equally well inside modern enterprise architectures as it does with legacy data systems, facilitating the transformation of telecommunications enterprises from collections of stovepipe systems to synergistic next generation architectures. TelSA Core ships with a wide variety of standard document and protocol interfaces. EGH also supplies custom interfaces to proprietary or in-house systems.

As a constant in a changing mix of technology, TelSA Core enables old and new services to share the same data. Transition from traditional to next-generation architecture will not be the result of a single cut-over. Current systems will continue in operation as new ones are added. Telecommunications providers will seek to preserve their investments in subscriber and service data sets as they replace traditional bearer technology with IP. TelSA Core is uniquely suited to reduce operational cost and complexity as provider infrastructure evolves. With TelSA, providers can migrate subscribers from PSTN to VoIP without having to translate existing data records or create new ones from scratch.
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