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ENUM Administration
ENUM unlocks VoIP revenues and paves the way to IMS.
Essential for today’s VoIP infrastructure, ENUM is also a key component of IMS, where it plays a similar role. ENUM servers translate telephone numbers to the locations of IP phones on the Internet. With ENUM, providers can offer VoIP peering services or implement it for themselves. ENUM records also enable IP-based caller ID services. ENUM records can even suggest alternate ways – such as another telephone number - to contact someone if the call cannot be completed or is not picked up, providing a basis for new revenue from new services.
ENUM Administration
TelSA ENUM Administration provides an array of automated and manual tools to populate and maintain ENUM records. Unlike proprietary solutions, it is completely open and interoperable. It works in conjunction with any standard ENUM server. TelSA ENUM Administration offers complete access to all standard ENUM NAPTR fields, opening the door to innovative services.

TelSA ENUM Administration plays a key role in the transition from traditional telephony to VoIP and in fixed/mobile convergence. As part of the TelSA Product Suite, there is no need to re-enter or duplicate subscriber records. Similarly, because TelSA provides a common data model and database used by all services, wireless and VoIP data is completely consistent while the cost of administration is reduced.

TelSA ENUM Administration allows providers to offer wholesale VoIP peering services. As with any TelSA-enabled wholesale service, providers can delegate as much or as little administrative authority to their wholesale customers as desired.
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