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TelSA Architecture, and Why
TelSA Core’s architecture combines the flexibility of modern enterprise messaging technology with the power of a sophisticated data model and repository. It enables the flow of information from a wide array of sources, such as CRM and Service Ordering Systems, to a provider’s choice of downstream systems, bridging the gap between legacy or proprietary interfaces and today’s XML-based standards. At the same time, the architecture’s comprehensive data model and shared repository streamline administration of an ever-growing number of telecommunications services.

TelSA’s design minimizes the cost of its required operating environment. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems. The largest configurations run comfortably on standard mid-range servers. Key components of TelSA Core include:
  • Pluggable business logic modules to accommodate a variety of TelSA applications and to tailor system operation to individual provider requirements.
  • System interfaces that support batch, streaming, and realtime transactions. Its web-based interface is compatible with any web browser.
  • The Database Manager and its facilities for report generation, journaling, and exception reporting and analysis.
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