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A Software Product is Only as Good as its User Interface
The best administrative systems are cost-effective while enabling new revenue streams. Enhancing the productivity of the clerks that use it engenders immediate and long-term cost savings. The abilities to configure system access and appearance and delegate administrative rights allow a provider to offer wholesale services that are tailored to its customers at minimal operating cost.
TelSA TnMgr
TnMgr is the graphical user interface for the TelSA product suite. It embodies decades of EGH experience with and customer input about service and subscriber administration workflow.

TnMgr’s approach to clerk productivity includes single-stroke commands, automatically suggesting field values based on work context, and tailoring system and data access to the responsibilities of the individual clerk, so the user sees only the relevant functions, data, and commands.

TnMgr’s flexible rights management facilities enable providers to offer wholesale services. A provider can determine which features are available to its users. TnMgr allows fine-grained control over read/write access to individual fields. Combined, these capabilities allow a provider to delegate administration of a wholesale customer’s data to that customer. The customer gets direct control over the timeliness and accuracy of its data and the provider’s operating cost is held to a minimum.
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